Crema Costruzioni, Energy Plus Project and Commerciale Veneta Beltrame join forces to install smart grid systems to obtain zero energy costs i.e. total energetic autonomy of a residential development. In VIVO we have installed a Siemens remote control system that manages Carrer heat pumps installed in a cascade. The use of the smart grid will allow the pumps to function without instant direct request and accumulate energy in thermal form in specific accumulators. This energy can thus be used at other times, for example at night time when the solar plant is not working. This enables to reduce to the minimum the consumption of electricity from the power grid aiming at reducing energy costs necessary for the air-conditioning  function. The  thermal solar panels installed can guarantee 100% energy coverage for the production sanitary hot water in the summer months avoiding the cycle inversion from cold to  warm necessary for the heat pumps in case of integration during the summer  phase. Article extracted from:

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