Each residential unit has been treated as a detached cell, surrounded by heavy duty structural bearing walls within which a “second skin” has been laid to obtain the best thermo - sound proofing.

Technical considerations

Advanced technologies

The sound proof values foreseen by the current legislation (Dpcm 5/12/1997) for US are not the objective but the starting point. This is where we introduce the innovative “box in box” construction technique, an internal partition technique: every unit is an independent cell, surrounded on each of its six sides (floor, four walls and ceiling) by supporting walls within which high quality dry materials are inserted in a suspended manner (not attached, but ideally suspended within the main envelope from a suspended flooring) in order to create a “second skin”.

The end result is the flooring of each space sitting on an insulating mattress, fixed with anti-vibration joints to the supporting structure of the four walls and the suspended ceiling. This innovative technique allows for a very high sound proofing both among units on the same floor as well as units on lower and upper floors. This condition is usually unobtainable with normal techniques. We can therefore coin the phrase of a residential unit with a “Detached home effect”.

This means that your next door neighbor can listen to music at high volume without disturbing you.

We invite you to try it in VIVO!

The performance obtained grant a sound proofing level higher than the expected standards for the 2020 legislated “Class A” which will bind the company to present the sound proof efficiency certificate along with the energy saving certificate.

This is an added value to VIVO residential units in the future real-estate market.
The use of coated high density sound proofing panels in this specific dry construction technique results in residential units that offer from the start a very high level of comfort.